Artistic Laboratory #2

Finally meeting!

Eléctrico 28 [ THE FRAME ] @ La Strada Graz 2021 - ©Milatovic

22-26 November 2021
Tárrega, Spain

After a year of working remotely, postponing events and discovering each other through screens, the 19 partners, 16 Associate artists and 16 associate citizens forming (UN)COMMON SPACES project are finally meeting in person in Tàrrega, Spain from the 22nd to the 26th of November 2021. 

This much-awaited meeting is thought to focus on “everything that can be done in real life”.

This means reinforcing relationships between artists, partners and citizens through small groups meetings but also encouraging informal moments and getting to know the artists’ universe during outdoor artistic experimentations.

Hosted by IN SITU partner FiraTàrrega in Catalonia, this Artistic laboratory will above all offer a momentum and space dedicated to artistic works and exchanges around societal themes linked to the projects. 


This week will also be the occasion for the associate citizens to meet the artists and partners and to take part of the project in a more substantive way. 

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