Alexandros Mistriotis @OIT

Become a traveler in your own city! The Reception, Fredrikstad, by Alexandros Mistriotis is an artistic city tour in a class of its own.

06 june. > 26 sept.

Fredrikstad, Norway

with 'The Reception'

During some eventful hours, you will wander through Fredrikstad; through street names and traffic routes, behind the walls and into the body and soul of the city. Through surprising stories about both major events and small details, Greek artist Alexandros Mistriotis will position Fredrikstad as the center of the world. Before you know it, you’ll be part of a journey that knows no boundaries in neither place, time or space.

The Reception is a concept Mistriotis first developed in his hometown of Athens, and he has previously created an acclaimed version in and for Moss. In 2024, Fredrikstad will get its own edition, tailor-made for the city after thorough research and dialog with local residents. Through several residencies, Mistriotis has collected stories and places. The result is a kaleidoscopic view of the city and its history that can turn conventional notions upside down. Alternative monuments and memorials are suggested, and perhaps we will have the opportunity to uncover lost meaning…

Become a traveler in your own city!