Danae Theodoridou @La Strada

28 july. > 05 aug.

Graz, Austria

with 'One Three Some – An Attempt for Devising Assemblies'

How much are we willing to bring for democracy? How much time do we want to invest, how much mental work, but also how much physical effort? Danae Theodoridou pursues this question in her performance, which, appropriate to the occasion, takes place in a political location, the wedding hall of the town hall. In her participatory democracy project, the Greek artist examines the practice of gathering. Here 45 people come together, who are led step by step through a clear, entertaining game structure and ready-made texts to a reflection on the practice of democracy and the central role of the body in political action. One Three Some defines the body as the basis of politics and explores how the way we use and relate our bodies to other bodies