Eléctrico 28 @ZONA K

09 june. > 10 june.


with 'The Frame'

Inspired by the observation of everything around us that Georges Perec wrote about, with the urban performance [ The Frame ] the Austrian/Catalan collective Eléctrico 28 invites us to take a seat in a pop-up theater located in a quiet city street to observe life as it flows, to think about it, calculate it, determine it and share it. 

Four characters, trained in the observation and organization of space, things and living beings, immerse themselves in the vertigo of the present and translate, with poetic simplicity, what happens into letters, letters into words and words into sentences . For a short amount of time, everything becomes one big stage show that never ends. 

A comedy without a plot that balances on the edge of the banality of the things that happen clinging to the magnifying glass of the theatre. [ The Frame ]it is an invitation to open your heart and your eyes to discover the irrelevant, the insignificant, the things of life. [The Frame] is a great opportunity to stop and observe. A drastic exercise. A peaceful rebellion against the dominant thought.