Feral 2024

plenary - conversations- workshops - walks - performance - games

12 sept. > 14 sept.

Brussels, Belgium

Feral is the highlight of the Cifas programming. It is a festival which reflects on the political and social emergencies of today and their handling by artists. This is a program of interventions and artistic encounters which influence everyday life in Brussels through art. Feral can appear on a boat, at the slaughterhouse, in a shop or during a carnival. It is an urban, interstitial, peripheral and feral festival.

Feral looks at living art in the city and its outskirts, Feral questions the common and its rough edges, urbanity and rurality, landscape and intimacy.

This year, the Feral festival will be held on September 12-13-14.

We will explore the interrelationships between Ritual, Art and Public Space.

More on the program to come in the coming weeks...