Joan Català @Viva Cité

18 may. > 19 may.


with 'Idiòfona'

Idiòfona is an attempt to make light of toughness, to find harmony amidst noise, and to build a common vibration. Above all, it is an ode to the pleasure of shared experience.

Idiòfona is a conversation between man and material, during which an extensive sound installation is built in a public space with the participation of the audience.

Those of you who are not musicians or students of the subject may not know what an idiophone is. This word lends the present show its name, and refers to instruments which produce sound through the vibration of instrument itself, without the use of strings.
Taking this concept as a starting point, and with the aim of bringing together notions of community, material and space, Joan Català
offers a show which invites spectators chosen at random to lend a helping hand.

Idiòfona, is a metallic-poetic odyssey of a destiny cast in iron, of a born explorer fleeing from the path imposed on them. Idiòfana tells of their betrayal of tradition in order to forge another, their own.