Johannes Bellinkx & Daan Brinkman @Theater op de Markt 2024

"All this time, I was just one click away, until suddenly I stood at your doorstep. To reach you, I rolled, slid, bumped, and jumped from junction to junction."

09 aug. > 10 aug.

Pelt, Belgium

with 'The Parcel Project'

"During my travels, I encountered X-ray scanners, sniffing dog noses, or rough handling if I had bad luck. Sometimes, I ended up with bruises. And when I finally arrive and all the hard work is done, I end up in the trash."

Johannes Bellinkx and Daan Brinkmann sent a parcel around the world, equipped with cameras and microphones. With 'The Parcel Project’, it feels like you're inside a parcel yourself. You're immersed in an impressive video installation that introduces you to the logistical maze that covers our planet like candy wrapper.