Johannes Bellinkx & Daan Brinkmann @Oerol Festival 2024

with "The Parcel Project"

08 june. > 16 june.


A parcel embarks on a global jaunt. But this is no ordinary package. Instead of consumer goods, it’s packed with digital eyes and ears: tools that let us tag along on its journey. You’re whisked away to spaces usually off-limits to humans.

The Parcel Project is an art project and, at the same time, a journalistic experiment. Since the introduction of online shopping, products seem just one click away. Yet as consumers, the world behind the click remains largely unknown to us. The Parcel Project is on a journalistic mission to change this, by explorating it from within. Like a Trojan horse our parcel permeates this global system driven by algorithms, labour and machines. As a spectator, you’ll take on the perspective of the parcel itself, traversing the intricate network of our consumer-driven society.