Johannes Bellinkx @Ostføld Internasjonale Teater

23 may. > 26 sept.

Fredrikstad, Norway

with 'Watchtower'

Experience the meeting between nature and consumer society in a new perspective with Watchtower by Johannes Bellinkx!

Watchtower is a unique "landscape theatre" where the audience are themselves performers. The work will consist of several different installations located along the coastal path that forms the border between Frevar - the municipality's landfill and processing plant for energy recovery - and the Øra nature reserve.

Belgian Johannes Bellinkx has allowed himself to be fascinated by the area, which represents an existential challenge for our time: How are we to deal with ever-increasing amounts of waste from consumer society and at the same time take care of nature?

The title Watchtower is partly inspired by the lookout tower in the area. Translated as "watchtower", it can also be read as a call to follow what is happening to the nature around us.

At each stop along the path, there is an installation where visitors can assume a specific position to gain a very special perspective on the surroundings, curated through the body's position and a dynamic soundscape.