Kaleider @Theater op de Markt 2024

'Arch' is an attempt to build a freestanding arch, made of two-thirds concrete and one-third ice.

09 aug. > 10 aug.

Pelt, Belgium

with 'Arch' 

What we can tell you is what will happen: you'll witness two people trying to construct a freestanding arch of ice and concrete, while an enchanting choir holds your attention. What's less simple is telling you how it will make you feel—we can only promise that it will.

Deceptively simple, 'Arch' unfolds as an unexpectedly gripping journey. A beautiful fusion of bated breath and powerful singing intertwines with the ongoing inevitability of collapse.

'Arch' touches the audience with themes of death, renewal, and hope. At the same time, the work points to the peculiar but flawed systems that humans create: languages, economies, architectures, democracies... and the inevitable impact of these systems on our environment and ourselves.