Via Berlin @Freedom Festival

30 aug. > 01 sept.

Hull, UK

with 'Instant Loneliness'

Instant Loneliness is a musical theatre production that takes us from loneliness to connection. A remarkable guide leads you through a landscape of dreams to an intimate musical concert of life, performed by eight cellists, an actor, and a dancer.

This city is home to hundreds of thousands of people.

And all those people are bubbling over with millions, if not billions, of dreams.

And somewhere along the way, most of those countless dreams run aground.

That’s not a bad thing. On the contrary, suppose all dreams came true, and became realities. A catastrophe.

Of all those hundreds of thousands of people with their billions of unfulfilled dreams, many feel deeply inadequate and lonely.

What are we to do with that mass grave of expectations?

How can a person learn to cope with loss, disappointment and loneliness?