Via Berlin @Oerol Festival 2024

with "Huis G."

07 june. > 12 june.


How do lovers become ensnared in a treacherous web of destructive behaviour patterns? What role does the external world play, and when should aa bystander intervene? These are the questions Via Berlin raises in this hallucinatory, wordless performance. And they’re asking you as well. You are drawn in, musically and sensually, to witness the many aspects of a sizzling, addictive relationship on the verge of love and violence.

Huis G. is a sensual, oppressive, and moving love story; exhilarating, poignant, and sometimes disturbingly relatable, each in its own way. The beautiful movement language of Laurent Delom de Mézerac and Dagmar Slagmolen captivates you breathlessly in the intense experience of a dysfunctional relational dynamic. They are accompanied by a hypnotic soundtrack, created live by improvisation masters Remco Menting and Romain Bly.