zw´eig @La Strada

28 july. > 05 aug.

Graz, Austria

with 'Don’t forget the forest for the trees' 

Already lived in the forest today? zw'eig transplants the city into the forest without further ado. The model forest home offers the advantages of the city without its disadvantages. With the temporary forest pass from the forest office, the playful journey of discovery begins: Dancing in the forest inn, studying in the tree nursery, acoustic check in the forest chapel, sweating in the pine-scented sauna, swearing the oath of the forest at Faunus Square, a visit to the forest museum and, of course, a preventive check-up with the forest doctor. Finally, at the forest improvement store, you get the necessary utensils for active forest citizen participation.
And those who have visited all the stations at the end become official forest citizens...