Heavy Kinship

The Heavy Kinship series is an ongoing exploration of the performative potential of encounters between stone and flesh, rock and human. What does it take to engage in respectful and intimate encounters with something existing on such radically different terms than ourselves?

Through solo performances and participatory formats Nana Francisca Schottländer explores the potential of deep, intimate and transformative encounters between humans and rocks.

In staging spaces and situations for exploring these encounters she wishes to fuel and inform a further development of intimate co-existence, of ‘thick co-presence’ (ref. Donna Harraway) between humans and other-than-human entities - in this case rocks.




 Heavy Kinship #1: I’d Rather be a Mountain, 2015

Heavy Kinship #2: Playing String Figures with the Companion Species of Rocks, 2017

Heavy Kinship #3: Getting Stoned, 2018

Heavy Kinship #4: Rock Bonding Sessions, 2018

Heavy Kinship #5: Binding Time, Binding Space, Binding Presence, 2019

Heavy Kinship #6: Carrying is Caring, 2019

Heavy Kinship #7: Mineral Voices, 2020