Landscape, Bodyscape, Relationscape

Nana Francisca Schottländer - Inseparable Together (2018) © Alexandra Buhl

Landscape Bodyscape Relationscape is a series of cross disciplinary art projects that explore co-creational encounters between the human body and different landscapes - both rural, man-made and in-between.

With the body as a tool nana Francisca establishes meetings between entities and bodies, both human and other-than-human, challenges ways of being, notions of time and invites the landscapes and their inherent life and phenomena into acts of collaborative creation. 

This process births video works, sound works, photography, text, objects and participatory performances, which guide the audiences/participants to unfold their own experiences of shared creation and performative presence in and with the landscape.


Through embodied encounters and extensive research each project dives into the geology, history, mythology, flora, fauna and mycology of the chosen landscape to bring its unique presence and the themes that unfold in and around it to expression.



Inseparable Together with The Wadden Sea, Denmark, 2017-19

Landformations with Thy - Danish West Coast, 2019 : Exhibition / Performance

Natural Intimacy with Hikkaduwa and Dodanduwa - Sri Lanka, 2019

Waterbody with Silkeborg - Denmark, 2020




Habitat + Bodyscaping with The Earth Depot Copenhagen, 2021 (part of Metropolis 21)

Sympoiesis with the Liselund Garden, Møn, Denmark 2021