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Silent Spring

A tale of urban re-pollination

Shared rituals, practices and tools in interlocking living systems

It is a landscape performance imagined by DOM- for a community of children and parents. The title is inspired by Rachel Carson's text of the same name, one of the first ecological texts in the US in the 1970s. 

In the southern area of Milan in May 2023, two groups of children met in two different squares in the Corvetto and Vigentino neighbourhoods adjacent to the Vettabbia park. 

After listening to a fairy tale, the two communities walked to a field in the middle of the park at about the same time.

The field is a place known by the children involved, who last November sowed there the first 'Grain Library' in the city of Milan, regenerating a hectare of agricultural fields

Here the two communities meet and enter the field for a small collective ritual for the proliferation of pollinating insects and the beginning of spring.

Sileziosa Spring

Conceived, composed and directed by DOM- with Leonardo Delogu and Valerio Sirna

With Mila Azimonti, Marta Bertani, Leonardo Delogu, Isabella Macchi, Flavia Ripa, Valerio Sirna and with numerous butterflies Vanessa Atalanta and Pieris Brassicae bred by SmartBugs

Text adaptation from Silent Spring by Rachel

Carson, translation by C. A. Gastecchi

Production Third Landscape and Zona K

Video Alberto Martin

Drone Elia Mangili

Music Edoardo Pacchiotti