The Polymorphe voice:

We were six, we will be thirty.
Women, tall women with short legs, small women with curved bodies, old and young.
Under the cover of the night, they stand here.
They will knit, weave and move,
We are in a dark night,
We were quiet, we will be loud.

NYCTALOPE is an invitation to a large group of women to participate in a visual installation in movement. NYCTALOPE is about our relationship to public space at night. Our avoidance strategies, our bypasses, our trajectories. At night our apprehension is different. Between dream and nightmare, NYCTALOPE appears in particular typological places, like pedestrian crossing, bus stop, in the light under a lamppost, in a narrow street, along a wall edge.These places are transformed, women are invited to reclaim them, to regenerate them.