Please be here now

The Please Be Here Now series consists of exposed inhabitations or ‘dwellings’ in public space. Each Dwelling is a  laboratory for exposing, exploring and reflecting on fundamental issues regarding being a human being with other human beings.

Each Dwelling is developed for a specific context and explores themes of relevance to this place and time. NFS lives for several days (up to a week) on end in each Dwelling to unfold a situation which generates it’s own structures of interaction, participation, shared explorations and revelations.

In each dwelling selected guests are invited to discuss the chosen theme. The guests have included children, gender sociologists, architects, artists, homeless people, party-makers, garden experts, writers and more.


An online archive of photos, text and recordings of conversations (coming soon) can be found here:




Please Be Here Now, Dwelling #1: The Body, 2015

Please Be Here Now, Dwelling #2: Encounters, 2015

Please Be Here Now, Dwelling #3: Seclusion, 2016