Sparks 2021

Spark 2021 is a performance that creates a space where the usual power relationships between the child and the adult are inverted. The children become oracles, bearers of mystical knowledge, wielders of magical powers. They know your future. You enter the space and witness a community of oracles – a group of local children who have studied palmistry and the art of divination. Their faces are hidden behind caps but you can hear their voices. 

The outcome will put children and adults together in a dimension of interpretation of the body: the future, the past, the present through palmistry on a stage. Grilli cares to underline the sense of responsibility and view that only children have, situating them in a dimension of global vision of the world. However, the children will be free from any responsibility related to questions from the audience that will be invited to stay in silence: the children will wear a cap, through which they are able to see the hands of the adults, but the adult won’t see the face of the child. The action contains a profound sense of education, of the idea of the performance as a magical and necessary act.