Suite pour transports en commun (Suite for public transports)

De chair et d'os - Foule Sentimentale © Ivan Mathie

A platform with individuals, some in groups and others alone, waiting for the tram, on the phone and listening to music. Some of them nod their heads in time to the music as they mouth the lyrics. Sometimes the music gets louder and the volume increases. The city is isolated from outside noise and becomes a film in which we are the stars. Performances of Suite pour transports en commun seek to shake up these unique moments spent in public transport in order to scratch the surface of the busy people we have become, recreate spontaneous opportunities for discussion, a daily dose of magic and a slightly unhinged “infra-ordinary”. They feature small actions to make people smile and bring them together through humour and sharing, reconnecting us with Alain Souchon’s song “Foule Sentimentale”, a sentimental crowd to which we all, ultimately, belong.