Elisabete Sousa

Country : Portugal

(UN)COMMON SPACES Emerging artist

Elisabete Sousa is an interdisciplinary artist from Portugal who works to bring together technological and natural elements. She studied Theatre at ESMAE (PT) and Falmouth University (UK) and loves to collaborate with artists, scientists, and communities to explore new techniques, materials, and contexts.

The connection with elements of the natural world – human and non human – and technology is what inspires her the most, it enables a creative interspecies collaboration where is possible to dive into other ways of seeing and making, establish a dialogue and understanding, within a sustainable practice nurtured by nature, making space to non anthropocentric points of view.

In her artistic process there is a focus on biomimicry, organic and sustainable materials and processes, such as bacteria, water and plants + bioplastics + reused and repurposed human made elements.

Her practice often includes growing and harvesting microbial and organic materials, as well as working with others to create interactive artworks that consider questions of sustainability, and how technology can help us better understand and interact with the environment.

Utilizing a range of sculptural, multimedia and performance-based approaches, she strives to create immersive experiences that challenge traditional definitions of art, bridging the gap between the natural and the artificial.

Elisabete continues to look for new challenges and ways to explore the intersection between technology and nature, striving for sustainable art forms and collaborations between humans and non-humans.