JMC Anderson

Country : UK

(UN)COMMON SPACES Emerging artist

Jade-Marie Anderson, JMC Anderson, has been selected by our UK partner Norfolk & Norwich Festival as the Emerging artist of the Hot House 2023

JMCAnderson (b.1994) is an artist, community curator and facilitator working across East Anglia. Anderson graduated with a BA(Hons) in Fine Art at Norwich University Of The Arts where she also graduated with an MA in Curation. 

Her socially engaged practice challenges the artistic roles in connecting the acts of seeing and telling narratives through the use of text, paint, performance, interventions and installations. She is interested in collective thinking, using people from the past and present as the medium or material of the work produced to raise awareness, educate, encourage conversations or to simply share issues and perspectives around finding your place and belonging as a citizen. Her current focus is on the mixed-heritage perspective connecting with her White-British/Jamaican background and reflecting on past life experiences. NNF has selected Jade because of her practice around cultural identity but also navigation of public spaces. In I Am… (2021) she brought these together looking at the intersection of public protest and personal identity. 

Jade is active in the Norwich community, not only as an artist but also creative facilitator (especially with young people) and this combination makes her uniquely engaged.