Juan Ignacio Tula

Country : France

(UN)COMMON SPACES Emerging artist

Dancer and acrobat born in Argentina, Juan Ignacio Tula graduated from the Centre National Des Arts Du Cirque in Châlons-en-Champagne. He develops and explores the possibilities of his apparatus, the Cyr Wheel, which he conceives as a starting point in his approach.

Between 2015 and 2019, he built his projects within the MPTA-Mathurin Bolze company. This company has notably hosted his first two creations, conceived in collaboration with Stefan Kinsman: Somnium and Santa Madera, with the external viewpoints of Mathurin Bolze and Séverine Chavrier.

In 2018, invited by the UtoPiste festival in partnership with the Maison de la Danse in Lyon, he created his first solo, a “carte blanche” called Instante. A performative show, in which he experiments with the relationship to the limit and questions his own boundaries: How, in the simplicity of a gyratory and repetitive movement, can the state of exhaustion encountered be inscribed in this body? This piece is currently touring in France and internationally.

In 2019, he decided to found the Compagnie 7Bis, an independent company based in Lyon to continue to develop his approach and to think about modes of cooperation between Europe and South America to promote circus practice. This company is supported by the DRAC and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region.

In 2021, continuing his exploration of his favourite apparatus, the Cyr wheel, Juan Ignacio Tula invites Justine Berthillot to co-write and share the stage with him for a new creation: Tiempo. In this show, two characters inhabit an enclosed space that pivots on itself, like a stage turning at the end of its arms, basins and wanderings, where the inside of the Cyr wheel becomes the heart of the game.

In the same year, he created Pourvu que la mastication ne soit pas longue, conceived with Hakim Bah, Arthure Barlette Gillette and Mara Bijeljac. It is a documented fiction about police blunders in our society today, based on a real event: the death of Amadou Diallo, a young Guinean shot 41 times in the Bronx on February 4, 1999 by 4 New York police officers. This performance was created as part of the Vive Le Sujet! programme at the Avignon Festival in partnership with the SACD. Today he is touring in France and abroad.

In 2022 he created Lontano with the young acrobat Marica Marinoni, a short form conceived as the counterpart to Instante. In Lontano, which has the Cyr wheel as its totem object, the acrobat Marica Marinoni pushes the limits of the body, raising several questions: what is the place of our body today? Why do we choose to engage our bodies?

Juan Ignacio Tula is also Associate Artist at Le Prato, Lille and teaches at the Centre National des Arts Du Cirque and Le Lido – Centre des arts du cirque de Toulouse.

About the company 7bis

Between 2015 and 2019, Juan Ignacio Tula developed his projects within the MPTA-Mathurin Bolze company, which notably hosted his first two creations conceived in collaboration with Stefan Kinsman, Somnium and Santa Madera, then his solo, Instante. In 2019, he decided to found an independent company in Lyon to continue his research on the wheel-cyrus apparatus, to reflect on modes of cooperation between Europe and South America and to promote circus practice. This was to be the Compagnie 7bis.
Within this company he created Tiempo in 2021 in collaboration with Justine Berthillot, then Lontano with Marica Marinoni in 2022. Pourvu que la Mastication ne soit pas longue was born in 2021 from a meeting with the author Hakim Bah, the musician Arthur Bartlette Gillette and the playwright Mara Bijeljac. Since 2022, he has also been an associate artist at the Prato, Pôle national cirque- Lille.