La Ville en Feu

Country : France

(UN)COMMON SPACES Emerging artist

We are La Ville en Feu, a french collective composed with Marius Barthaux, Maxime Bizet, Thomas Bleton, Louise Buléon-Kayser, Agathe De Wispelaere, Justine Dibling, Juliet Doucet, Giulia Dussollier, Jean Hostache, Myriam Jarmache, Simon Peretti and Garance Silve. It is a collective of multidisciplinary artists who studied drama, singing and dancing in the municipal conservatories in Paris and in schools of theater and dance in France, Switzerland and Belgium. 

In September of 2015, we started a laboratory of choreographic and vocal research on The Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky. Our work consists of collectively rewriting symphonies for a capella singing whilst dancing, in relation to “non-conforming” spaces such as museum halls, streets, parks, bridges, tunnels, etc… playing with the architectures and a close and meddling relationship to the spectators. We aim to bring our collective vision to these classical works by a raw, roaring, whispering, discordant, whirring interpretation of them. Whilst singing and dancing, we welcome the beauty of the unpredictable car honk or barking dog, making us fully a part of the city and performing it as if we were joyously burning it all.

We created Le Sacre (The Rite) in 2018 and we have been working for the past three years on the next project Les Planètes (The Planets), a rewriting of the homonymous symphony by Gustav Holst.
In 2017, La Ville en Feu created, with La Faim du soir tard and Les Occiputs, La Grosse Plateforme. Today this structure gathers 17 artists, creators, actors, dancers, managers, stage designers, performers, singers and pedagogues who work together on various multidisciplinary creations.