Live Skullerud

Country : Norway

(UN)COMMON SPACES Emerging artist

My name is Live Skullerud. I am a Norwegian dance artist working as a performer, choreographer and producer / project coordinator within a variety of contexts, ranging from traditional stage productions to durational site-specific performance.

With my work I aim to explore and convey nuances of human interaction. In an efficient, capital-driven and highly digitalized world, I’m looking to craft spaces for connectivity, playfulness and vulnerability through the physical presence of the dancing body. An important part of this aim is the attempt to create diverse, inclusive and equitable work – both visually in performance and in the experienced reality of the workspace.

My creative practice centres around improvisation and contact work, existing in a physical landscape balancing between abstraction, metaphor and narrative. My continuous research into touch as a physical, social and cultural phenomenon over the last 5 years has become a pillar of my practice and the soil from which most of my projects grow – as is the case with my focus for the Hot House in April 2023.