Moni Wespi

Country : Belgium

(UN)COMMON SPACES Emerging artist

Moni Wespi (CH/USA) is a choreographer, artistic director and visual artist living and working between the Swissalps and Brussels.

She questions movement and identity through a multidisciplinary approach and radical scenographic choices. She develops innovative and performative concepts by diverting attention from the stage, where one no longer knows who is a performer and who is a spectator. She develops visual concepts for performers, musicians and individuals and participates in the creation and definition of their visual language and artistic identity, developing costumes and scenographic concepts. In 2007, she founded the Loutop company with which she toured europe and won the GRANT prize (Zürich, 2010). In 2011, she joined the collective Asphalt Piloten, an open artistic cell and award-winning company of unbridled artists from different artistic backgrounds that focuses on public space and site-specific work. She has been working in Brussels since 2014 where she collaborates with many artists of all backgrounds and nationalities. She is currently developing MOVING PORTRAITS, video installations, which are also silent invitations to reverse roles, and where the choreographic work is interested in micro-movement, slowness and triggers a shift in identitychoices influenced by social normes. Latest participative concepts like MOVING BLING or STEP IN SET where the audience becomes the main actor, where the process of the making becomes the artwork.

Walking Landscapes is based on to the idea of a more horizontal relation, a humbel human being trying to fit in nature rather making nature fit to his needs on all levels. This IN SITU creation,  an invitation to slow down and blend into the urban and rural environment, is planned to come out and start touring in September 2024.