The SVUNG Research Group

Country : Hungary

(UN)COMMON SPACES Emerging artist

The SVUNG Research Group was founded in 2019 and has been run by dancers and applied theater creators, yet they are also trained in permaculture, forest bathing, nature guidance, rock climbing and have been living with animals or in rural areas.

After designing various art mediation and participatory events in conventional theatre and studio settings, SVUNG decided to investigate the non-anthropocentric potentials of participatory art, involving all material beings, not only human communities. Their recent works, the No Endpoint performative vigil was a common sleepover among graves in an abandoned and re-forested, yet landfilled cemetery, while the Geodiverse slowalk was a sensorial hike made in collaboration with a geologist. These productions tackle with exchanging the ego to an ecological thinking, altering states to be able to comprehend deep time and the naturalness of dying, imaging worlds that are not present or not graspable, and (re-)discovering elements that both the human body and the rocks possess: salt, lime, interconnected systems etc. By them, they propose a paradigm shift in which nature is not detached, outside of us, but inherent, a kin. In other words, they subtly propose the queering of environmental activism into eco-somatic activism – not as a better, but maybe a more long-lasting alternative.

The current members of SVUNG are Luca Borsos, Ágnes Grélinger, Lili Stern, Kinga Szemessy, and Napsugár Trömböczky who is the one joining us in Pristina.