Yann Perregeaux Dielf

Country : Kosovo

(UN)COMMON SPACES Emerging artist

Yann Perregaux-Dielf is born in the spring of the nineties in Switzerland, raised by a family working mostly in art.

He couldn't be dropped far from the tree. He started by playing saxophone alto in 2000 and joint a "family" theater with his mom in 2003, who is play-writter and actress there, "le Zap Theatre". Quickly grabed by the technical part of shows because of his investment, he followed the adivises from experienced technician and graduated in Electronic in 2009 in Switzerland. In the zap theater this perdioe, he was takking care of props, scenography a make the "quick black changes" while getting more involved with text for other apparition on stage. In 2010 he tried to work in education for "Borderline" students but it didn't fit as Yann was already on the "wrong" side of the border. Part of a band as Bass player, he made few concert just for fun whithin 2008 and 2010. Table went empty in 2011 and he started to work back in technic, first as handy, then light technician and then light operator for a event corporation ( This is where he learned to work with new technology with great amount of light sources. After staying 4 years in the world of event he started to miss theater, the meaning of having a proper performance, working closely with actor, musician or danser. From 2014,  he started to make his path as freelancer working with different theater and danse compagnies. His seriousity and trustability allowed him to be more and more part of different festival, his network went efficient and he was able to handle decent event until he got the Graal of technic: The full responsibilities of a theater in 2016 in "le Théâtre des Abeilles" in La Chaux-de-Fonds. He spent 3 years working with them and learned a lot about musical play but due to lacke of budget of the theater. He decided to empty the table again and  packed his trekking equipment to walk south for underterminded time or destination:"Ciao Switzerland". After passing the alpes he kept doing to Est, because West is Has-been. After several week of walking, he reached albania and felt he arrived in a new home. He met Jeton Neziraj while helping the sitting and earth quake victims in the national theater of Albania . Invited to visite Kosovo, he started to work as general director of the companie "Qendra Multimedia" and in addition being dtechnical director of "Theatri Oda". Today, Yann is a young father, working hard to improve the situation and the level of technic in Kosovo. He has the will to be a full stack developper for his own show and "In Situ" is his opportunity to go further and achieve the first steps to make it true.