Bildstörung – Festival for performing arts in public spaces

(UN)COMMON SPACES 2020-2024 Associate partner since 2020

BILDSTÖRUNG festival is one of the major festivals for performing arts in public spaces in Germany with national and international significance. On the eastern edge of North Rhine-Westphalia, away from the metropolises, a place emerged, presenting performing arts that have chosen the city and the surrounding landscape as their performance site.

KulturTeam, organizing the festival, is part of the municipality of Detmold and plays therefore a central role in reshaping the physical and social space of a city for a future society. By focusing on art in public space, KulturTeam addresses in particular the challenges of current cultural policy, which deals with a demographic imbalance in the audience of conventional cultural formats, the methodology, reach and participation of cultural offerings.

BILDSTÖRUNG festival has continuously evolved, programmatically breaking away from the format of a traditional street theater festival in recent editions and is deeply rooted in the city. Inter- and transdisciplinary forms of contemporary art are integrated into the festival program to fill the gap of contemporary performing arts in a rural setting and develop new lines of connection between art and artists, city and audience.

The production space of Hangar21 is available to individual artists and ensembles for residencies of dance, theater and performance projects. Production, seminar and workshop rooms as well as a 2,000-square-meter hall and an extensive outdoor area allow rehearsals, experimentation or training in a quiet and creative atmosphere. With the residencies at Hangar21, productions that work across disciplines with means of the performative and performing arts, visual arts, film and/or music are promoted; the artists are supported by the expertise of the artistic direction of the festival BILDSTÖRUNG.

In collaboration with the association “Bundesverband Theater im öffentlichen Raum” think tanks, conferences etc. are established to lead the discussion on the future development performing arts in public space.  

Artistic director: Sabine Kuhfuss