FAI-AR, Higher Education in Art in Public Space

Associated partner Member of IN SITU since 2014

Whether in urban, rural, coastal, mountainous or desert areas, shared spaces have their own uses, characteristics and projections. For artists who are sensitive to these places, the FAI-AR opens the field of observation, understanding and practice in order to include their specificities in the composition of the works and exploit their potential for performances/ instalations.

FAI-AR provides the leading training course for art in public spaces in France, Europe and international. It targets artists and performers whose chosen workspaces are towns, cities, landscapes and shared spaces. FAI-AR seeks to provide them with tools and know-how to promote professional good practice and sup-port them in their artistic endeavours.

FAI-AR has developed the first ever higher education training programme on art in public spaces in Europe, alongside short courses, artistic laboratories across Europe and meetings and conferences that aim to foster collaborative output of knowledge on art in city contexts.

Director : Jean-Sébastien Steil