(UN)COMMON SPACES 2020-2024 Partner, member of IN SITU since 2009

Metropolis is a meeting point for performance, art, the city and the landscape – an art-based laboratory for the performative, site-specific, international art. It is Københavns Internationale Teater (KIT) that is behind Metropolis as the latest of a large number of festivals and projects in Copenhagen created and initiated by KIT.

Metropolis consists of Metropolis Copenhagen, a summer season with performances and interventions in urban space, as well as Metropolis Landscapes, a national project fusing art, nature, and landscapes. Metropolis also organises ongoing development activities for artists and professionals. 


Metropolis investigates, processes, and interprets a variety of landscapes, urban, rural, and in-between. We work with live art in cross-aesthetic formats, seeking new expressions and creating new connections between the artistic and the social.


We work to unravel the distance between art and reality by placing art in the midst of everyday life. We see art as an essential community-developing element, and through Metropolis, artists can engage with the city, the area, and its people, relate to the present and help create a future.


Metropolis started in 2007 as a biennale and a laboratory. Since 2017, Metropolis’ core activity has expanded to an annual summer season with performing arts in public space as well as a national project in 12 municipalities and 12 landscapes. At the same time, Metropolis is involved in artistic development through our Laboratories, residencies, and international collaborations.

Artistic direction and daily management: Katrien Verwilt
Artistic direction: Trevor Davies