Your words in my mouth

What happens if people get together to talk about love? Your Word in my Mouth is a group discussion that immerses us in the private lives of several residents of Brussels. Among them a polyamorist, a football-mad teenage girl, a notary specialized in matrimonial contracts, a sex assistant for people with disabilities. Their relationships with love are radically different, but each attempts to find his or her place in the city’s cosmopolitan nature. Anna Rispoli and her two collaborators offer a reconstruction of this unlikely encounter in a series of venues usually reserved for an in-crowd: a hairdresser’s, a radio studio, the lounge of a hotel, a parliament… Members of the audience are invited to lend their voices to other people’s words and play them. How do these “alien” words sound in our own mouths? How should we live and come to terms with these differences? Right in the heart of the city, Your Word in my Mouth involves a conversation based on profound citizenship in which love might just open up new political perspectives.