Dávid Somló @PLACCC Dance 2023

11 may. > 27 may.

Budapest, Hungary

with ‘Slow steps have ears’

Slow Steps have Ears is a sound meditation and a sonic treasure hunt at the same time: 25 hidden speakers will play with our sense of reality in the Kerekerdő park through 2 and a half weeks.

We can listen to a series of interwoven, site-specific compositions pieced together from locally recorded sounds, snippets of conversations, domestic sounds and minimalist musical elements. Blending in and out of its surroundings, the piece transforms its location into a unique, dreamlike soundscape that invites the audience on an experience somewhere between a sonic meditation and a treasure hunt of sounds.

The speakers scattered around in the space offer a brand new soundscape to the listener from whichever location they choose, through the unique combination of the varied length, noise and quiet of each snippet. The composition is repeated hourly, and as each speaker plays a different part that also changes over time, audience members are advised to relocate as often as they wish.