Elmo Vermijs & Chihiro Geuzebroek @Oerol Festival 2024

with "KRAK installatieroute + bosworkshop"

11 june.


How does a man-made landscape that creaks and disobediently runs rampant create a moment for listening? Combine the installation with an audio tour, where in a guided forest experience you are invited to explore your own relationship with decay.

Do you hear the crafted landscape creaking? In this installation, Elmo Vermijs and Chihiro Geuzebroek explore what we can learn from decay. In the forest workshop, Anne Jesuina, Joanna van der Hoek, and Chihiro Geuzebroek guide visitors in the inquiry: What is ripe for decay within you and your relationships?

June 8th to 12th: Theatrical setup in decay
June 13th to 16th: Guided setup in a cracked relationship

Verval (decay) is the third stage of the StagingWood research project. A coalition is working on a new relationship between humans and forests where the life cycle is central.

An audio tour is included in this Expedition; make sure to have a (charged) phone with you, optionally with earphones for the optimal experience. For the forest workshop, it is necessary to reserve a ticket. The start time on the ticket includes a visit to the installation.
11:00: Visit installation, 11:30: Start guided forest workshop experience in Dutch
12:00: Visit installation, 12:30: Start guided forest workshop experience in Dutch
14:30: Visit installation, 15:00: Start guided forest workshop experience in Dutch
15:30: Visit installation, 16:00: Start guided forest workshop experience in English