Ici Même Paris @Lieux publics

16 june. > 17 june.

Marseille, France

with 'Faute de tout pour faire un monde'

What does it take to make a world when it is inexorably dying out? How did we come to this? Is there a link between sugar and the melting of sea ice? In the footsteps of an almost fictitious family of entrepreneurs-decision makers, investigate through the centuries the origins of the current ecological upheavals and a certain separatism of the richest...

In 2101, we know how to travel in time. The past becomes an ecological refuge. Tonight, in your turn, you will have the privilege of crossing the gates of Time in order to rebuild your life in a healthier and more stable period. It is in the prestigious setting of the Château Bombon, the most stable temporal gateway in France since 1610 that you will cross the layers of time. Thank you for choosing Forever™, the leader in time transportation for your donation. Your future will be better yesterday. Due to the time distortion, the hosts of the places will appear to you over time, in order or disorder. In search of your personal destination, on the way, witnessing the adventures of the Dupont-White family, you will track the paradoxical relations of the human dynasty to its ecosystem, between destruction and overcoming by the technique of a finite world, between belonging to the reign of the living and denial of nature.