La Zanka @Norfolk & Norwich Festival

13 may. > 14 may.

Norfolk, UK

with 'Cosmic Care'

‘40 Small Ceremonies to Repair the World, the Human, and the Bicycle’.

French Moroccan artist Zineb Benzekri presents a work-in-progress action exploring water in self care and curing. An intimate, interactive performance where audiences are invited to participate in acts exploring ceremony and care.

The writing of Cosmic Care took place in care places all over Europe and questions vulnerability, the climate of care and the crucial question of small acts of attention to ourselves. In addition, this series of experiments explores the political, ethical and philosophical dimensions of self care.

In short, cosmic care is an invitation:

To repair the world by taking cold showers, to let one’s opinions soak, to sweat one’s certainties, to scrub the common negatives that stick to dead skin, to purify oneself of one’s good feelings, to let one’s derision infuse, to sweat one’s morals, to let oneself be disoriented by the fog of saunas…