La Zankà @Viva Cité 2024

18 may. > 19 may.


with 'Cosmic Cäre'

The group, guided by these three acolytes, will immerse themselves in a role play, a ceremony, a treatment.

Before each expedition, the “smugglers” invite the participants to look within themselves for what they need to “repair”. Because “the zone” is a magical place where we can synchronize our deep nature with those of the worlds around us. Thus, everyone finds the opportunity to make a transformation. To get there, the public will cross several symbolic, emotional, phantasmagorical portals…

As they pass through the portals, Cynthia and Andreï are transformed, and through them the polyphony of a common experience is expressed, that of our relationships with failure.

Between street theater, absurd care ritual and participatory performance, Cosmic Care positions itself as an autopsy of the relationship that our society maintains with the notion of “care”.