Moni Wespi @ZONA K

Moni Wespi continues the research, begun in 2014 with the project Moving Portraits, on the relationship between the human and the landscape, on our identities and the environment that surrounds us. This time the research focuses on children, on the movements they make when they play, on how they relate to and blend in with the environment.

20 sept. > 21 sept.


with 'Slow Landscapes'

Young performers, aged between 4 and 9 years, wear costumes made of specially produced fabrics that, thanks to their colours and textures, look like brick walls, stones or grass: their bodies camouflage themselves, becoming landscape, and their movements also adapt, slow down.

You can decide whether to just watch or actively participate in- wearing headphones and a costume, to simply reflect on your surroundings and your body. In this way, you too will arrive in your ‘landscape’, very slowly.

a project by Moni Wespi, with the group of children who responded to the public call

MONI WESPI is a international choreographer, art director and visual designer. In her choreographic practice, she creates images through radical scenographic choices, combined with her movement research. In 2007, Wespi founded the company LOUTOP, with which she created an entirely new and innovative stage project, that was touring internationally 2007-2014 (250 shows). In 2010 Monika Wespi was awarded the “GRANT” award of Zürich for her work with Loutop. In 2011 she joined the collective “Asphalt Piloten”, an artistic open cell and award-winning company of unbridled artists from different artistic and geographic backgrounds.

Since 2014 she enlargened her artistic career with international collaborations. The choregrapic visualart project MOVING PORTRAIT was born in a collaboration with the videoartist Lucia Gerhardt. Presented and exposed as videoinstallations. Since 2019 the Project starts taking performativ and interactive forms, where audience takes the place of the performer such as MOVING BLING and STEP IN SET.  Moni Wespi is working from a multidisciplinary approach, elaborating visual concepts for performers, musicians, fashiondesigners and participates on the creation and definition of their visual language/identity, developing costumes/set design and support for videos, photographs and stage projects.