Performing Landscapes non-stop

art, landscape and people in an ecological triangle drama

16 may. > 18 may.


with 600 Highwaymen, hello!earth, Nana Francisca Schottländer, Tora Balslev & Wunderland/Mette Aakjær

Welcome to  Performing Landscapes non-stop – art, landscape and people in an ecological triangle drama .

Here we continue our mini-festival and investigation of what the role and potential of art is in a time of acute ecological crisis.

Join us on this joint investigation of the relationship between art, nature, landscape and people.

Refshaleøen's crumbling, industrial rawness, the rewilding of nature and the prospect of massive urban development provide the perfect experience framework for a meeting between the aesthetic, the ethical and the adventurous in a performance program on the (front) edge.

We have invited a team of eco-conscious artists who work with sensing, wandering, resting, sense of place, entanglement, resonance and communities with a focus on the relationship between the human and the more-than-human,

18 artists/companies let us feel for ourselves what art can do through performances and workshops. They take us on a discovery of how we can be present in the world in other ways, how we can connect and how art can help open us up to new experiences and new perspectives.

How can we live and create more sustainably and in equal interaction and cohesion with our surroundings? None of us have the answers. Yet. But we hope that you will curiously explore with us and perhaps take us all one step further in a new and right direction.

The program is for everyone who is interested in art, nature and climate.

The laboratory originates from the three-year  Metropolis Landscape project and is supported by the Nordea Foundation, the Bikuben Foundation, the Statens Kunstfond and Copenhagen Municipality.