27 aug. > 24 sept.

Budapest, Hungary

In the 15th year of PLACCC, the format of the event is transformed from a festival to a platform ! 

From 27 August to 24 September 2023, PLACCC will once again take place, no longer a festival, but rather a platform or framework to provide a space and a background for artists who are inspired by urban spaces and urban life, who want to inscribe their work into the fabric of the city, working together with its inhabitants, with local communities, who aim at advocating for diversity, inclusivity, tolerance, critical thinking against propaganda.  

in 2023, the reduction of certain opportunities creates other opportunities. It becomes more important to connect, to work more closely with artists, to help each other. 

Thus, for almost a month, PLACCC 2023 will become a platform for Hungarian artists working in public spaces and in unconventional venues. The programme will include artists and collectives that have been regularly collaborating with the festival for years (Ziggurat Project, Meetlab, Dávid Somló, Éva Bubla, SVUNG Research Group, Brida Horváth), as well as new collaborations, often with artists who are entering the public space for the first time (Patrik Kelemen, Superfusion).