Respiro #4

Sardegna Teatro summer rendez-vous, with DOM-

19 june. > 29 june.

Sardegna Teatro

Breathing is a conversation with the landscape, a living process that animates - insufflates - the environment, as it draws pulsations and possibilities from it, in an interdependence that rests on a cosmic metabolism.  

It is a porous process: to breathe you need air, quality of bonds, of possible futures, contexts in which many other people can breathe, hope, and feel that they can breathe in and through each other, in mutual acceptance.

Breathing involves all living beings, it contaminates the world with existences and vice versa, therefore it compromises and leads to a collective challenge.

How can the performing arts carve out their own (creation) creations on the present, show its wounds, claim its exposed vulnerability?

Without any desire for exhaustiveness, the fourth edition of the Respiro festival collects and proposes artists who question the contemporary with pressing questions and unruly methods.

Wounds and complexities are shown in Cagliari, unresolved conflicts and joyful struggles in art.