Teatro di Sardegna

(UN)COMMON SPACES 2020-2024 Partner, part of the Italian consortium

Teatro di Sardegna is the only TRIC, Theatre of Relevant Cultural Interest, in Sardinia.

TDS, acknowledged as TRIC in 2015 and confirmed in 2018, supports artistic creation granting the artists a long-time rehearsal, to experiment with the cross medial fusions of new languages, socio-cultural contexts and manifold environments. The main activity is represented by the production of contemporary performances, all the artistic creations, now comprising both theatre and dance, are nurtured by a caring and synergic landscape in all the steps leading to the final result. A significant example is Macbettu, a transposition in Sardinian language of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, awarded with UBU -the Italian major prize for performing arts -, touring worldwide since its premiere in 2017 and acknowledged with other inter/national awards.

TDS is committed to conveying a cultural scene that is not only artistic, aiming to take shape as a plural subject, capable of embodying multiple languages and of being a vehicle of educational opportunities.

The presence in the territories is plural as well: in the main cities of Cagliari and Nuoro, TDS runs spaces inhabited by performances and installations both produced or hosted. 

TDS is also present in Paulilatino where it manages Grazia Deledda’s Theatre, addressed to artistic residencies, and in Argentiera village, in the municipality of Sassari, where together with LandWorks it takes an active part in the process of change and development through performing and digital arts. 

In the former mining town of Fluminimaggiore, TDS presents Giornate del Respiro, an international festival where artists’ researches dialogue with the community and territory experiences. 

The lines along which the action of TDS focuses on in this village facing the risk of depopulation are performing arts tied to nature activities, thus resulting in unknown trajectories, unexpected paths and multiple narratives.



Director: Massimo Mancini