Teatro di Sardegna

(UN)COMMON SPACES 2020-2024 Partner, part of the Italian consortium

Teatro di Sardegna (TdS) started as a permanent theatre company in 1973. Since 2015, under the direction of Massimo Mancini and with the project “SardegnaTeatro”, TdS is acknowledged by Italian Culture Ministry as a Theatre of Relevant Cultural Interest, among the 30 most important theatres in Italy, and with a special fund dedicated to Dance Festival.

Sardegna Teatro is conceived as a cultural hub in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, a cross-sectoral space interwined by different artistic languages that exploits its marginal position in line with the reflection of Gilles Clément, "We must think of the margin as a research field on the wealth that spills from gathering different environments", insularity is perceived as a stimulus for a definition of artistic action in relation to the social and cultural context.

Sardegna Teatro implement a transformation of its actions into a “cultural risk farm”, where the risk of research and creation process in contemporary performing arts is translated into opportunity by rethinking the ways of producing content, redefining priorities and developing new paths, betting on new artistic productions and on creating the optimal environment to nurture creativity through the convergence of multiple languages and social actors.

TdS’ core business is to produce contemporary performances but it also acts as supporter for artists’ residencies and training, promotes cultural activities, hosts national and international companies, both to drive TdS influence internationally and to positively impact the landscape of performing arts in Sardinia. Creativity and art are also linked to the development of new technologies.

In the last 6 years, with the project Sardegna Teatro, the organization gained recognition by both the local, national and international community of artists, organizations and institutions as an open and welcoming cultural space thanks to its innovative and creative proposals, an incubator of events and experiences linked to the territories where it works and to Sardinian culture together with its role as a social and political actor. 



Director: Massimo Mancini