Rita Hoofwijk & SoAp Maastricht @Oerol Festival

09 june. > 18 june.


with ‘Atlas of an (im)passable island’  

Atlas of an (im)passable island is a multi-year collaboration between Rita Hoofwijk, SoAP Maastricht and Oerol. The project relates to the areas of the island without a festival permit, the space of the island where we are not allowed to go, but are concerned with. Atlas gradually maps where the boundary of the Oerol visitor lies and where protected landscape begins. At the tangent we meet. This year you will find Rita Hoofwijk at the Groene Strand and the Noordsvaarder. Let yourself be placed here in the sand as a watchman, as a carrier, as Atlas.

Atlas of an (im)passable island is a research project by Rita Hoofwijk in collaboration with SoAP Maastricht and Oerol. Rita Hoofwijk will be in residence with the project during Oerol.