Oerol Festival 2023

09 june. > 18 june.


New direction for the Dutch festival

New course

We have listened to feedback from visitors, islanders and nature and we believe it is important to take responsibility for a liveable planet. That is why we are making the hard and conscious choice to work with fewer locations and to give more space to our environment on Terschelling.
Where we had four different Festival Oorden in 2022, we will switch to one large Festival Heart between the dunes and on the beach, at West aan Zee, Paal 8. Here you can go from early in the morning until late at night for a rich programming with live music, theatre, talks, storytelling, visual arts and eating and dancing together. Walk from the dunes to the sea, because there you will also find great programs under the beach tent, in the dune pan and right on the border with the water.

The theater and expedition program is a bit more compact than last year, but just as impactful! As always, we program creators who pioneer with us. Many performances premiere during Oerol, or international projects can be seen in the Netherlands for the first time. There is often location-specific work, with the Expedition certainly focusing on the question of how we as humans should and can live together with nature. And finally: street theater, previously compromised by the aftermath of Corona, is back in full force in the villages.

We look forward to seeing you again on Terschelling!