© Rara Woulib

Dogs and wolves emerge from the shadows around a street corner. A figure moves in the distance. A voice speaks out of the darkness, followed by another. Are they dead or alive? These spirits from another time and place quickly form a group that starts to accelerate - a strange brass band guiding us to the city’s forgotten places. The brass instruments join in and the rhythm becomes frantic. We stroll, we run, freely abandoning ourselves to the trance.

We stop in a secret and fantastical place where we enjoy an impromptu banquet. One last waltz and the spirits return to the shadows before disappearing. We are left orphaned, unsure whether this intense and magical night stroll was just a dream, placed in the back of our minds. This temporary “disorder” (“deblozay” in Haitian Creole) will long remain in the minds of those who took part.