Oerol Festival (2015) © Saris & denEngelsman

Framing: to shape, to form, to mould, to fashion, to configure 

Framing explores the need to label and categorize everything in our surroundings. In this site-specific performance, Johannes Bellinkx gives his audience a confusing viewing experience through wooden frames, that are part of an ingeniously built installation. At first, the landscape seems unequivocal, but Bellinkx is in control of the frames and makes subtle interventions in the landscape, leaving his audience in disarray. Is what we’re looking at really there?

With his viewing installation, Bellinkx playfully manipulates the scale of things that appear to be normal, and our perspective on them, using the contrasts between big and small, near and far. In Framing the audience gets the best of both worlds: the live aspect of on-stage theatre and the conducted view in cinema.In a visual poem, Bellinkx stirs up our imagination and curiosity to know what is happening outside of the wooden frame. It makes us question our perception of what is real and what is not.

In 2014, Bellinkx’s performance Natureluren was part of Atelier Oerol. This season, the performance has evolved into Framing, referring to the viewing installation itself, but also suggesting that the audience will be thrown off balance.