In The Horizon

David Somló’s new work ’In The Horizon’ is a large scale site-specific piece that combines elements of landart, sound installation, performance and happening and which makes the desert or plain its protagonist. The half day event that is spectacular in its spatial and sonic effect while using minimalist theatrical forms offers audience members the experience of ’going out to the desert’. This site with its large vista and metaphoric connotations is able to invoke the space of spiritual experiences out of society, the atmosphere and stories of the hungarian outlaws and to offer contrast to the closedness and loss off perspective during the current pandemic.

The piece is arch of the piece has three bigger parts:

  1. The ’Exodus’: The audience members are taken from the city with a ’tourist bus’, where the context and atmosphere is set with a sound and video work.
  2. In the desert: Individual exploration of the installation site with added elements of minimal performance. The installation consists of approximately 15 wooden poles/digged in dry trees with hive-like installations on them with hidden speakers. From the speakers a constantly changing soundscore is played, leading the shifts in the atmosphere/dramaturgy. The part ends with sunset.
  3. Gathering: The audience members are gathering to have a semi-performative dinner around a large fire in the dark, before taking the bus back to the city/sleeping in the site.