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A conversation between Seth Honnor and Jay Wahl

Artist Seth Honnor from the UK-collective Kaleider sat with Jay Wahl, director of The Flynn in Vermont USA.


In 2022, Kaleider's performance "The Money" was presented in Vermont, USA at The Flynn Centre. For the occasion Artistic Director Seth Honnor and executive director Jay Wahl sat for a conversation around the project.

The Money is a thrilling cross between a high-stakes game, a social experiment, and an intelligent theatrical experience. Your ticket purchase goes directly to a pot of real cash. A group of complete strangers—the players—has 60 minutes to agree how to spend the pot. The watching audience can buy their way in at any moment, right up until the last second, and that can change everything. Every event is totally unique and completely unpredictable—full of drama, frustrations, opportunism, generosity, and excitement—all set to a ticking clock.

The group can decide to spend the money on whatever they want—invest in under-resourced public services, springboard innovative community programs, bankroll an ambitious project, blow it all on something totally random. The possibilities are infinite; be as creative as you like. If, and only if, the players can all agree within the allotted time, they get to spend the money.

The Money, produced by the UK-based, world-renowned production studio Kaleider, and conceived and directed by Kaleider Artistic Director Seth Honnor, has been performed on five continents and in some of the world’s most prestigious venues, including the Sydney Opera House, UK Houses of Parliament, Lagos City Hall, Lisbon City Hall, Melbourne’s Victoria Parliament, City of London’s Guildhall, Tianjin’s Grand Theatre, and many more.