The Drone Release

Les dronards © deletere

Initiated by the meeting of three fellows Adelin Schweitzer, Aurélien Durand and Laurent Petit interested by high technologies, model making, open spaces and the spirit of adventure, the drones release consists in using drones as movie tools to create a lm which will then be screened a er a short residency in a given territory. Through a ten days stay, the so-called Collectif Les drônards is going to discover the city with their talking drones, creating scenes out of improvisations between the devices and inhabitants. After the collect of first scenes, a story emerges and will be completed with much more directed scenes. The challenges are many:

- To go into the heart of the city in a very short time, understanding the social context, learning about history, public stories and rumours that will help the collective to build the scenario.

- To meet people who can support the project such as public gures, o cials, and strange people well known in the area. - To create situations with inhabitants with the help of information collected before.

- To build a rumour, which can attract the audience to the presentation. Step by step people and local press will start to wonder what it is going on while the answer brought creates much more confusion about what happens.

- To edit a ction, which is also a documentary of the process, using the opportunity of the screening to organise a debate about the space occupied by technologies in ours lives. The collective needs to have his headquarters in the heart of the city, in an abandoned shop for example, which can be transformed in a drones agency. As a matter of fact, the project needs a big complicity between the collective and the welcoming structure.