Sauf le Dimanche

Country : France

(UN)COMMON SPACES Associate artist

Sauf le Dimanche is a dance company, an artistic factory and a research laboratory focusing on social ties.

As dancers, choreographers and educators, the roles of Emilie Buestel and Marie Doiret take hold of everyday life and uses. Transformers of gestures and moves, motivated by the idea of making dance accessible to all audiences, the talents behind Sauf le Dimanche are convinced of it's transformative power in our relationship to places and citizenship.


For 14 years, Marie Doiret and Emilie Buestel have been creating dance shows for the places that make our daily life: famers markets, streets, bus stops, bar counters, apartments, classrooms, nursing homes. Often taking the audience by surprise, for instance, in “Ma Maîtresse?”, a solo dance in classrooms, during school time, the shows can also go to meet the audience, like in “Troc!”, a performance during which bypassers are proposed an exchange of moves. 

In their work, Sauf le Dimanche tackles on democracy: what we have in common: what we know we have in common, what we hope to have in common, what we can build in common? Which space, which imagination or fantasy or symbolic? They are curious about how we live: hich are the spaces we live in, what make us uneasy or comfortable? What are our uses, habits? And the notion of link. As dancers, they are also fascinated about how bodies “talk”. How bodies can translate intimate but universal images. What we can guess from a look, from a posture, from a body matter (dynamic, musculature…).



Creativity, empathy, collaboration, diversity and the meaning that we give to our social life are values that Sauf le Dimanche believes are essential. Looking to return to a “more human” scale in the city, to provoke meetings between citizens so that everyone can participate in the world of tomorrow. Spending more time in public space and seeing it as a space of escape, a space for sociability and sharing, will change our connection to our environment and to our transformative power.

Through activities and participatory workshops, Sauf le Dimanche makes it possible to raise the creative potential of everyone to co-create dance shows with their audience and to cultivate our differences, our diversities through the exchange of a gesture.